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Your Future Starts Here

Your Future Starts Here

New Technology Bridges

Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences Inc. Represents Guardian Bridge Line of Environmentally Sustainable Wood Products.

Since 2000 the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) has allowed for the design of advanced fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) which offers tremendous potential to meet the critical needs for rehabilitation of existing bridges and construction of new bridges. The value added engineered wood (30Mpa) is encapsulated with robust and durable fiberglass reinforced epoxy (800 Mpa) with a high strength to weight ratio that compared to concrete cast in place decks weighs 80% less is erected twice as fast and has a service life three times greater. The epoxy reinforcement is immune to conditional loads such as water ingress, salt, de-icing materials.

Wood plus fiberglass bridge deck panels are robust, durable, high strength and low weight.

  • 20% lighter than aluminum systems
  • 30% lighter than open steel grating
  • 40% lighter than steel orthotropic decks
  • 80% lighter than concrete reinforced
  • Lightweight bridge deck panels
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Replace orthotropic steel systems with our system that weighs 40% less without corrosion
  • Design service life 100+ years
For more information contact:

Mark Tansley
(403) 204-6094

Franck Besseat