Landspraying While Drilling (LWD) Disposal

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Soil washing construction sand lensĀ  repair

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Tansley Associates Environmental Services

Environmental Consulting Services

Through sound environmental consulting services for various industrial sectors over decades, TAES has built a strong client network, quality relationships and connections with industries and regulators. TAES environmental Consulting services focus on following aspects:

  1. Pre-construction site assessment:
  2. Drilling waste management and disposal services
  3. Phased Environmental Site Assessments Services (ESA)
  4. Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  5. Geomatics and GIS data/information management
  6. Environmental modelling
    1. Noise assessment
    2. Air dispersion
    3. Groundwater modelling
    4. Risk assessment (RA) and site-specific risk assessment (SSRA)
  7. Environmental and regulatory compliance Services
    1. Permit, approval application under EPEA and Water Act
    2. Design and Implementation of Soil and Groundwater Management Program under EPEA approvals
    3. Oil and Gas Regulatory Environmental Compliance Reporting
    4. Contaminated Site Investigations, Monitoring and Reporting
    5. Remediation and reclamation certification program