Tansley Associates Environmental Services

Environmental Division

A Tradition of Innovation

Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences Inc. (TAES) is a leading-edge reputable Calgary-based environmental consulting and engineering services company. TAES provides strategic environmental regulatory management and consulting services for Canadian and international energy industry clients. TAES team consists of environmental and regulatory planners, environmental engineers, specialists, experienced wellsite construction supervisors and environmental field technicians and scientists over the Western Canada.

Over decades TAES consulting services have engaged in Pre-site disturbance assessment (PDA) and Conservation & Reclamation (C& R), drilling waste management, environmental Impact assessment (EIA), phased environmental site assessment (ESA) and regulatory approvals application, permitting and compliance services. TEAS also provides environmental due diligence and oil and gas asset liability assessment for acquisition, transferring, divestures and merging in Canada. TAES engineering services cover the wellsite construction engineering optimization, and aging well production recovery and endlife closure engineering and environmental services. TAES is pursuing a sustainable principle to serve the clients in oil and gas industry by production recovery with minimized ecological foot print and endlife liability.

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TAES offers a full range of equipment and environmental services for land-spraying, sump sampling, and environmental project management for any drilling program, pipeline project, contamination concern or general environmental compliance consultation.