Odorization Systems & Supply

From supplying and installing your system, to filling and performing odor audits - we are the one-stop-shop for your odorization needs.

For over 40 years, Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences Inc. (TAES) has been a leader in Canadian Odorant systems and supply. As a Master Distributor for Chevron Phillips, TAES products and services are backed by one of the Gas Industries’ largest chemical distribution networks in North America.

With the privilege of servicing some of the largest gas producers in the industry, the TAES’ objective is to supply and maintain world class service while utilizing nearly half a century of experience in Natural Gas and Propane odorization.

What is Odorant?

Natural Gas and Propane are nearly odorless and undetectable gases when extracted from the Earth. When undetectable, the flammable and volatile nature of these gases becomes hazardous to anyone near it. In order to warn those exposed to unodorized gas, Mercaptans (odorant) are added to natural gas and propane to give a pungent and easily detectable odor.