Vacuum Truck Services

  • Flotation Units: Prevents compaction and rutting in sprayfields by distributing the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area. Particularly beneficial for soft terrain as it prevents the truck from sinking and delaying waste disposal
  • Gallop Agitators: Agitators keep solids in a slurry suspension ensuring solids and fluids are sprayed simultaneously, saving the cost of disposing the leftover solids in a separate waste management plan
  • GPS Tracking
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) Regular Maintenance Program: Certificates are issued by Alberta Employment and Immigration to businesses that develop and maintain a health and safety program that meet certain standards. Health and Safety Management Systems are effective at eliminating the social, legal and financial costs of injury on a site or any workplace
  • Experienced, handpicked, competency tested drivers with a combined 52 years of vacuum truck and on-site service expertise